Will there be car camping? Yes.

Is camping included in the ticket price? Yes, general admission includes camping.

What is the camping like? Everyone will be able to park their vehicle in car camping, and then decide to either camp with your car, or hike into the woods from there.

How much space do I get for my car camping area? 12ft x 30ft.

Do I have to camp with my car? No, even if you park in the car camping area you may still decide to hike into wooded camping if you desire. Note: Wooded camping areas are limited.

How far is car camping? From car camping it is only a short walk to the workshop, waterfront, and stage areas. As we’ve mentioned, keeping this event intimate is a priority for us, so everything is close to everything :) This helps set a cohesive collective container for our co-creative experience.

How far is wooded camping? Wooded camping is found along the edges of the car camping field so it is only slightly farther away from where you will be parking. Walking a wee bit is good for you.

Can I bring my RV or Bus? Yes, RV’s and Buses are allowed.

Does it cost extra to park an RV or Bus? No.

Are there hookups / electricity for RV’s? No. There will not be hookups or electricity for RV’s.

How far is RV / Bus parking? RV / Bus parking will be equal distance as car camping.

Vending Passes: Do vendors have to apply? You do not need to apply in order to hand vend, however there is a $20 vending fee to get a “vendor pass”. Hand vending will be allowed in the camping area ONLY. There will be no official vending booths, but you may choose to use your 12ft x 30ft car camping area to vend in any way you desire. We want to support local, gift, trade and barter economy by making it accessible + possible to create a mini-economy available to all throughout the weekend, without monopolies or playing “favorites”. Vendor passes are now available for purchase online along with tickets, as well as at the gate.

Can I set up a tent to vend in? Yes, as long as you set it up inside of your 12ft x 30ft car camping area.

Why is vending in the camping area only? We want to honor the experience of individuals by keeping the main event space(s) reverent + clear energetically. The sanctity of the dance floor & beyond is important to us…

Do I need to bring water? No, we will have free drinkable water available. However, it is always smart to be prepared by bringing some water of your own so that it is always readily available at camp, etc…. BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE WATER VESSELS! Staying hydrated is *so* important to having the best time you can have. Stay on top of this for yourself + your friends. Be accountabili-buddies.

Will you be selling ice? Yes, we will be selling ice.

Can I bring my renegade sound system into the camping area? No.

What if it’s really small? Seriously…?? No. We want to honor the gracious residents of Westminster, neighbors of Avalon, who allow us to all gather in their hometowns. A lot of effort is going into making sure that everyone is taken care of through this gathering, both inside & outside of the event. Your help in making sure we can continue to gather starts by respecting these requests, and we thank you in advance for doing so!

Is there cell phone coverage at the venue? Yes.

Will there be showers? No. Bathe in the beauty of life. (Perhaps coupled with the occasional dip in the creek…)

Can I bring a pet? No.

What do I do with my trash after the festival? While there will be receptacles for compost, and recycling, there will be VERY few trash cans. This is intentional. If you pack it in, please pack it out to help us reduce the amount of trash left on site. This is a Leave No Trace event (if you leave a trace, make it positive!). Remember, there is really no “away” – your trash goes somewhere on this planet! Help us reduce our carbon footprint. It starts with the individual.