Steve Torma

For over thirty years, Steve Torma has gently guided our culture toward cooperation and regeneration. He is the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage, where he continues to live his passion for community and sustainability. He co-founded The REAL Center in 2007 and was on a core faculty member for The Asheville Tantra School. Steve is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Radical Honesty, Body Electric, Cuddle Party, Restorative Circles, Permaculture, and Creation Spirituality. Through his compassionate presence and guidance, Steve has helped countless people to find healing, direction, and meaning in their lives.

Art of Intimacy Level 1
Intimacy is the ability to know oneself and connect deeply with others. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of being human. In this workshop we will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication, a powerful tool that helps us to stay centered in any situation, move beyond stalemates, forgive others and yourself, hear the yes behind every no, be flexible without being submissive, express anger or disappointment without judgment or blame, and more. With the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.

Art of Intimacy Level 2
For those with some familiarity with Nonviolent Communication. Using NVC Dance Floors and Somatic Experiencing to move from pain to compassion, from the illusion of conflicting needs to finding win/win strategies, from grasping for approval to deep inner peace, and from negativity to the natural joy of life. With the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.

Eros and the Spiritual Quest
After our survival instinct, sexual energy is the most powerful force in the human experience. How do we access and guide this energy? With the heart. And what guides our heart? The overall spiritual purpose of our lives. When all three are combined: sex, heart, and spirit, we can live a deeply satisfying life of service to our ultimate vision. Ideas and practices for improving your physical and emotionally-intimate relationships. With the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.



Dee Eggers

Dee is a tenured professor, TEDx presenter, environmental policy scholar, permaculturist and traveler engaged in her passion for creating a sustainable future for all life on Earth. She has pursued much conventional and informal education as well as training in leading personal transformation work because she believes that a critical mass of us must achieve a higher level of consciousness and mental health in order to be able to create that sustainable future.



Nick Atlas

Nick Atlas is the founder of Evolutionary Education®, a multidimensional learning project based on the principles of deep ecology and non-duality—our interconnectedness with each other and the natural world. A native New Yorker and perennial traveler, Nickis an accomplished artist, musician, forthcoming author and graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. He is currently earning his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of West Georgia, where he teaches courses on self-discovery, conducts pioneering research on lucid dreaming, and inspires the next generation of teacher-healers to realize their maximum potential.

Calling all singers, beat-boxers, space travelers and lovers of sound!

Experience a multidimensional, improvisational pilgrimage of breath, rhythm, melody and flow designed to open your heart, free your voice, and cleanse your soul! No experience necessary.

Experience the raw, primal energy of Kecak, the Balinese Monkey Chant ritual. Tap into your inner animal and share your voice with the tribe in what is sure to be an epic spectacle of sight, sound and soul.




Kennedy is an avid didjeridu player, energy worker, artisan and distributor. Untrained, yet eagerly self-disciplined, he has practiced stepping out, so that spirit may step in. The true healer is simply a vessel, allowing untainted consciousness through the clear channel of the mediator. The didjeridu embodies this eloquently, and he attempts to mimic it’s clarity, becoming an extension of the hollow tube, holding a container that encourages self-healing.

Tangible Vibrations: Didjeridu Sound Showers
Just as a bath can cleanse your physical body so can vibration cleanse your energetic. Primarily utilizing the didjeridu’s vibration along with the gong, singing bowl, voice, monochord, flutes and chimes, you are invited to surrender to vibration through a spontaneous song of powerful resonance.



Laura Karuna

Currently residing in Denver Colorado, Laura Karuna is deeply rooted in the healing arts community. She is currently studying at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. Passionate about massage, she also applies herbal arts and crystal energy in her practice. Laura has been working closely with herbs ever since her internship on an organic farm in Ohio, six years ago. Through her fascination with herbs her love for tea was born. Moving to Colorado only helped integrate herbs into Laura’s life; with jobs in a Chinese tea shop and in the medical marijuana industry. She strives to utilize the healing attributes of tea and fresh juice through her private massage practice.

The Sacred Art of Tea
Tea can be the most calm and meditative experience. There is nothing like sipping on a hot cup of puerh; slowly taking in the earthy aroma, before drinking the dark brew. Or drinking in the floral nectar of oolong, which can take you on a journey to the high mountains of Taiwan. Each style of tea has different needs to become the perfect cup. Through this workshop you will learn the basics about puerh, oolong, green, black and herbal teas. Focused on healing arts, Laura will discuss the health benefit for each family of tea. Ending the workshop with a demo of the Chinese tea ceremony and hot tea.

Healing Power of Hugs
This playshop intends to explore the power of intentional, respectful touch. We will discuss the chemical and systemic changes hugs and positive contact can instill. We will also discuss the importance of honoring each individual and their space. Are you interested in learning the cinnamon roll hug, or how about the best friend hug? Join us in adding new hugs to to your repertoire!



Erika Czerwinski

Dr. Erika Czerwinski is a clinical psychologist, who co-founded a non-profit in, and dedicated much of her work to, wilderness therapy. She has traveled extensively to live with and learn about different human cultures. She studies the neuroscience behind attunement, body-mind connection, and unconscious communication, to better understand the natural paths of human relationship. Similarly, her studies in meditation, yoga, essential oils, feminine archetypes, and Egyptian mythology scaffold her work. These seemingly disparate areas ballast her professionally and personally in her roles as clinician, teacher, and guide.

The Art and Practice of Holy Oil Anointing
In this workshop you will be introduced to the history and art of holy oil anointing. Providing a basic foundation, this 1.5-hour workshop describes the science behind anointing, and discusses its use in ancient practices— from consecration to rites of passage in the sacred ceremonies of Egypt. This workshop will begin with informative discussion and end with a self-anointing practice and a guided meditation that uses the oils as a connection to one’s own inner knowing.


Sirius Colors

Sirius Colors (Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A.) is a musician, physicist, inventor and sound therapist. Thomas earned his masters degree in physics studying the information storage capacities of space-time in the context of black holes and holograms. He has done extensive research in the fields of sound and vibration including investigations of the acoustics of sacred geometries and ancient temples. He travels the world studying with indigenous earth-wisdom masters and integrates their guidance into the music of Sirius Colors. Thomas has trained intensively in the ancient arts of Qi Gong and acupressure and travels to Mexico regularly to participate in sacred ceremonies, where he is currently an apprentice of a 101 yr-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man. Thomas lives in a quest toward the re-integration of music, Qi, physics and sacred ceremony into the LOVE-AWAKENING music experience. Learn more at and

Spiritual BeatBoxing: The Power of the Breath in Rhythm
BeatBoxing as Pranayama: explore the deep soul-awakening yogic practice of beatboxing… the breath in musical rhythm. Beatboxing as a Universal Language: explore the universal communication powers of beatboxing… with other people as well as with plants, animals and the elements. Beatboxing as a Community Organizer: explore how beatboxing brings us together to connect at the deepest Soul-level.

Sacred Ceremony in Everything We Do
In this workshop, we explore the fundamental elements of Sacred Ceremony and how to naturally and easily integrate these elements into every part of our lives, including: smudging and ceremonial cleansing, creation of Sacred space, devotional action, sound and silence. We also explore Sacredness as action, rather than belief or concept as well as the universality of Sacredness, independent of belief-systems and cultural boundaries.

The Rhythm of our Heart: Synchronizing our Heart-fields
Our Heart’s electromagnetic field is the strongest in the body, thousands of times more powerful than the brain’s.It is also the easiest to connect with and control. Utilizing HeartMath-based techniques, we connect with the heart rhythms and learn how to easily achieve a state of coherence… where our breath, heart-rhythm, and brainwaves are naturally synchronized. We also learn how to easily synchronize our heart rhythms with each other’s and thereby move directly into a state of conscious and tangible unity.


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Maurice Legendre

Raised in community, Maurice Legendre has been immersed in the complex emotional dynamics of group human interaction since he was a child. This experience helped him to realize that happiness comes from self-awareness and expression not universal truth. Yet at the same time he was overwhelmed by the dysfunction and persistence of fear, judgment and violence in the world. This lead Maurice to be personally fascinated with the process of how to create a peaceful heart and vibrant human culture and he has been writing on the subject for over 10 years. His first book; I Choose A Life I Love Living, is an introduction to happy and healthy living through self-awareness. With a passion to help humanity create a joyful and sustainable culture, Mauricehopes to inspire people to let go of judgment as they explore their own unique human experience.

Balancing the Heart; Dynamics of Love and Fear
This Levity Worthshop is an exploration of the dynamics of love and fear without a judgmental overlay. By looking at humans as celestial beings with the energetic properties of planets, galaxies, apples and so much more. We see a pattern forming that puts a new perspective on the Chakra energy system. Instead of a vertical alignment of energy centers, a two-source energy system presents itself. By developing non-judgment we can look at love and fear as bright and deep energy sources and open up these two energy channels. Exercises in this Worthshop will help participants to integrate these seemingly opposite emotions and connect to the universal energy within both Love and Fear.



J.D. Burnette

I am 25 years old, I have been living in East TN my whole life and I have been studying permaculture, transition and regenerative techniques for the last 3 years. I believe this to be my life’s calling. I got into it all for my own needs but the more I get into it, the more it becomes about others. I’ve always had a LOVE of nature. I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, bouldering, caving, and fostering life-enhancing systems.




My name is aupaya. I have a project called 0=1=infinity. I travel and play live interactive electronic music with my Magick solar suitcases which are completely powered by a solar panel/ solar battery system (No laptop). I’m also the resident musician for a yoga collective called the Soul Seekers Sangha we offer online courses and yoga classes with my live suitcase music. Om Brahman Om.

0=1=infinity. Aupaya and the Magick solar suitcases.
Come one, come all but not all at once step right up and experience the Magick solar suitcases. Have you ever desired to be a wizard and play with the colours of Magick? Well then look for the Magick solar suitcases during the weekend and we will have some fun. Anyone can create awesome live music, see you in the future~aupaya