Is there cell phone coverage at the venue?
**No, cell phones do not work at the venue.**

Is there a ride share program for traveling to Kinnection?
Yes, save gas money and reduce your carbon footprint by hooking up with a ride at Ricky Rides.


What is the parking situation?
***There are 2 parking lots.***
1. The main lot is located very close to the campsites. To park your car in this lot you may purchase a $20/car onsite parking pass while supplies last. Onsite parking is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis, so we suggest buying your pass online before the event.
2. The second lot is a secure satellite parking lot at the box office, which is at the entrance to the venue. Parking in this lot is included in your event ticket.  We will be providing complimentary shuttles for you and your camping gear from the box office to the campground. No camping or overnight sleeping is allowed in this lot.

Will there be car camping?
No. There will be limited onsite parking, but no “car camping.”  In order for your car to be parked inside the event grounds (approximately a 1-10 minute walk from your campsite), you may purchase a parking pass while supplies last.  There will be no tents or camping next to your car under any conditions, so please be prepared to walk a few minutes to your campsite. Trust us, it’s worth it at this amazing venue!

Is camping included in the ticket price?
Yes, general admission tickets include camping.

What is the camping like?
In case you haven’t heard, camping at Deerfields is some of the best you will find at a venue!  You have a choice of camping by the lower lake, by the upper lake, under the trees, in the woods, or in a sunny field.  Some of the camping will be close to the main stage (a.k.a. loud) and some camping will be further away (a.k.a. quiet).  With so many wonderful choices, you will find the perfect place for you and your friends.

How far will I be from my car?
It depends on which lot you are parked in. If your car is parked in the onsite lot, your campground will be a 1-10 minute walk away depending on where you choose to camp. The box office lot is a 20 minute walk from the festival grounds. Shuttles between the box office lot and the venue will be running during all box office hours.

Can I bring my RV or Bus?
Yes, you may bring your RV or bus as long as you purchase an RV / Bus pass in order to guarantee a spot in one of the limited oversized parking locations. Without an RV pass, all RVs and oversized vehicles must be parked in the box office satellite lot where no sleeping/camping is allowed.

Does it cost extra to park an RV or Bus?
Not in the box office lot. Limited onsite RV / Bus parking passes are $125 and can be purchased while supplies last.

Are there hookups / electricity for RV’s?
No. There will not be hookups or electricity for RV’s.

How far is RV / Bus parking?
RV / Bus parking will be about a 15 minute walk to the music stage.

When do gates open?
The gates open at noon on Thursday. Please do not arrive before noon, as you will be turned away.
This is a small event, so there is no reason to show up before gates open.

What are the box office hours and the gate hours?
Thursday: noon to midnight
Friday: 10am to midnight
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: No entry

***IMPORTANT – The gate closes with the box office each night. If you arrive after the box office closes, you will be asked to leave and return when the box office opens again the next day.
There will be no entry into the grounds after 6pm on Saturday.

When does the event end?
All attendees must leave the event by noon on Monday. Until next time… :)

Is this event all ages?
Yes, however minors (anyone under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Do children need tickets?
Kids 12 & Under are FREE.

Will there be day passes?

Are there in-&-out passes?
No. Once you leave the event grounds, you cannot come back in without buying another ticket.

Can I still volunteer to participate?
Yes, you may still apply to volunteer. We thank you for your help! Click here for details. 

How will I receive my tickets?
You may choose from Will Call or Home Printing.

Who do I contact regarding ticketing questions?
InTicketing at (866) 55-TICKETS or

How do I apply for media credentials?
Contact us at


Do I have to apply to vend?
Yes, you must apply to vend from a booth, tent, or table. Click here to apply to vend.
For “hand / blanket” vending, you may purchase a hand-vending pass.

Is vending of food and beverages allowed?
Vending of food and drinks is allowed only with official documentation present, and pre-approval by the event.

Can I set up a tent from which to sell crafts?
Only with pre-approval through the application process.  Click here to apply to vend.

Can I vend inside the venue?
Yes, “hand-vending” inside the venue is allowed with a hand vending pass. However, we ask that you please not vend near the dance floor, the temple, or any workshop spaces. While we do want to support our local economy, we also want to honor the experience of individuals by keeping the main event spaces reverent and clear energetically.

Will there be an ATM (cash machine) on site?
No, there will be no ATM on site. Vendors will accept cards, but please be sure to bring all your cash with you when you arrive, because there are no in’s-and-out’s once inside the grounds.

What is the best airport to fly into?
We recommend Charlotte, NC (CLT) because it is closest airport, but sometimes Atlanta, GA (ATL) is cheaper.  If you are looking for the bargain, keep in mind that Atlanta has some of the craziest traffic in the United States.  Another option is to fly into the Asheville airport, which is approximately a 15 minute cab ride to the venue.

Do I need to bring water?
No, we will have free drinking water available. However, it is always smart to be prepared by bringing some water of your own so that it is always readily available at camp.  Please bring your own reusable water vessels. We will also have a limited number Kinnection Campout 2015 water bottles for sale if you forget yours or just want a functional souvenir. Please be mindful of your water intake throughout the weekend. This is the most basic way we can honor our own bodies and ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Your body is a master alchemist but it functions much better when you take care of it. Be each other’s accountabili-buddies. You’ll notice the difference in your mood, energy levels, and overall experience if you stay properly hydrated.

Will you be selling ice?
Yes, we will be selling ice.

Can I swim in the lakes?
Yes you can swim and bask in the pristine water of both the upper lake and the lower lake.
Please do not use bathing products in the lakes.

Will there be showers?
No, but feel free to rinse in the lakes. Just no shampoo or soaps.

Can I bring a pet?
No. Dogs will be escorted off the property. No exceptions…and don’t try to claim they are a service animal.
If they are a real service animal with documentation, that is permissible.

Is glass allowed?
No, please leave all glass at home. Any glass bottles will be confiscated.

Can I bring my renegade sound system into the camping area?

What if it’s really small? Seriously…??
Nope. There will be plenty of spaces playing music at all hours, so respect your neighbors and save yourself the trouble and leave the boomboxes at home.

What do I do with my trash after the festival?
While there will be receptacles for compost, and recycling, there will be VERY few trash cans. This is intentional. If you pack it in, please pack it out to help us reduce the amount of trash left on site. This is a Leave No Trace event (if you leave a trace, make it positive!). Remember, there is really no “away” – your trash goes somewhere on this planet! Help us reduce our carbon footprint. It starts with the individual.