One of the reasons we come to these types of gatherings is for the deep communal experience and to establish lasting relationships with like-hearted people.  These gatherings, in essence, are temporary autonomous villages
that we create and live in together for a short period of time.  The strength and health of the village largely depends on the individuals who show up, what they bring, and what they take in the process.  So these gatherings are distinct
experiments in community living and village building, teaching us all sorts of lessons and giving us a taste of what is possible in community.

There is a strong pattern emerging from transformational festival culture, and perhaps music festival culture as a whole, where the attendees have profound, life-changing experiences in these temporary villages and leave looking for more.  As a result, many people have made it their lifestyle to travel to as many of these gatherings as possible to the extent that we are witnessing an expanding international community of people who dedicate their lives to creating these
temporary magical villages in one way or another.  At the same time, the conversation seems to be shifting towards “Can we be doing this better?”

The next step, which everyone seems to be realizing simultaneously, is that it is time we figure out a way to start
building permanent villages and sustainable communities.  There is no reason we need to continue living in dual
realities where we escape the “real world” periodically to experience fully present communal celebration of life only to once again return to our normal lives.  What many of us were raised to believe is the “real world” is a very limited
version of how expansive and wonderful life can be, and we are waking up this fact very quickly.  These gatherings
offer us a glimpse of how truly magical life can be, and so we believe the next evolution is for these events to start
focusing their intentions on planting seeds of permanence.  There is an amazing amount of resources that goes into these gatherings from everyone involved including the organizers, the artists, and the participants. The time has come to rethink how all this energy is used, whether it be in the form of time, money, labor, or mere excitement. If we start catching and storing this energy in the form of permanent infrastructure, practical skills, long-lasting networks, and land trust funds, then we will all be one step closer, both collectively and individually, to living the life we envision.  These gatherings are much more than parties, they are training grounds for new earth jedi. It all depends on your intention. If you are wanting a party, the chances are good you will find a great party.  Additionally, if you are looking for the next step to realizing a fully free and fulfilling life, you may find just that.

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