Sarah Tracy

Sarah Tracy creates out of the unquenchable desire to express the inexpressible. Creating is a multifaceted way of being that connects her body, mind and spirit. Sarah implements art in her life as part of her yogic practice. Painting and drawing are some of her fundamental tools to maintain connection with her inner source of inspiration. Her paintings often highlight symbolic imagery and universal themes of alignment. Through imbuing the creative spark into the tangible, Sarah finds great yearning and great fulfillment.



Emily Kell

Emily Kell was born in Alexandria, Virginia and has been creating from a young age. She studied painting and writing at SCAD Savannah. Since then, she has been on the road showcasing her art at music festivals, art bazaars, and gallery shows. Emily saturates her life with creativity, which can come in many forms including painting, writing, drawing, and hula hooping. She is constantly creating, and always with the intention of spreading love and awareness through her artwork, and being one tiny expression of the ineffable joy of life. Through paint and brush, she aims to channel the human experience, the spiritual experience, and the spectrum that bridges the two. Her main focus is currently centered around creating work that serves as a voice to the divine feminine and as meditations and revelations to the viewer. Emily’s artwork aims to articulate a sense of awe and beauty, and to ask all of the important questions, with an understanding that the answers are infinite.



Madison Moore

As a young tot, I began unraveling the mystery through my artistic expression. I painted things of happy nature like flowers and my puppy, sweet things a little girl would paint. As the layers of time cumulated, my work became deeply emotional and more reflective of the human condition in its rawest form. With a paint brush, experience guided my expression as I explored my inner-most-self. I discovered that the deep language of art is indeed a state of remembrance and should be shared with all.

This remembrance is a culmination of our lifetimes of experience, that has guided us here, to create our beautiful future. My wish is to heal and symbiotically inspire others to join and relish in divine love. I began calling in my ancestors, the elements, and Earth to guide me through my spiritual awakening. Visions of the collective one began intertwining all realms of consciousness and my responsibility is to serve which exists in the eternal flow of expression, awareness, and beauty. My heart is my compass as I navigate through this lifetime.

With intention and awareness I embrace both the light and the dark, balancing the transparency of knowing all is sacred, we are all divine: to inspire deeply, this is my service, my offering to all of you.


annie painting venus with particle at aura

Annie Bennett

I approach art inspired by cymatics and neurochemistry, alchemy and shamanism, the tao, and surreal, symbolic, and visionary artists before and with me. I create artworks as talismans to help bring our brain waves into resonance with meditative and loving frequencies. By combining emotionally relevant images and characters from philosophy, mythic incarnation and metaphor with mathematical truths, patterns and processes from nature, I create to inspire interstellar journeys and experiments in thought. I synchronize ideas in harmonic hues to unveil the connections between feeling, experience, and information, to aid in decoding emotional language. I create, for my family, as a conduit through which Mind at Large can flow to help us recognize and realize our potential and purpose, our individual dances to freedom. I work like a honey bee, fly like a bird, and love like the burning sun.



Steven Teller

Steven Teller was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Steven is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in fine arts and communication design.  He creates work in a primarily realistic fashion, shaped by his direct contact with people, society, and life around him, while allowing his interests in yoga and spirituality to intuitively abstract forms with strong references to nature.  Steven spent his early years traveling, chasing ocean swells through Florida, and exploring the rest of the country to heighten his experience and awareness of the world.

Steven graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Painting and a minor in Art History.  Since then, Steven has kept a home base in his studio in Northern California, while embarking on excursions to sell his artwork at concerts and festivals around the country.  Steven hopes to continue that journey to share his artwork and to bring light, love and a moment of presence to everyone along his path.



Andy Reed

Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry) is an artist whose visual alchemy captures a visionary journey into inter-dimensional landscapes — with prismatic colors, geometric shapes, and an ancient glyphic light-language amongst organic and terrestrial conceptions.Originally from northern New Jersey (but now living in Asheville, NC), his work represents the energy of another realm, making you feel as though you are peering into another galaxy and understanding that there is a possibility for life outside that of which we are familiar.



Olivia Curry

Olivia Curry is a digital artist from the United States who enjoys working with the interplay of organic forms, light, sacred geometry and other tools to bring about her visions. She now uses poetry to formulate her message alongside some of her pieces. Olivia still involves herself in traditional painting as well; the practice of utilizing different mediums alongside each other creates a strong symbiotic relationship that strengthens her art skills. She operates on a colorful creative frequency that defines the core of her imagination.

Olivia has been a featured artist up and down the East and West coasts of America in many art shows, events, and festivals. Olivia’s artwork has also been shown throughout Europe with the Looney Moon gallery at various festivals. Her artwork is always transforming and growing towards infinite possibilities.



Josh Spiceland
I grew up in boone and love the woods and deerfields. I use acrylics and make paper lanterns and giant catforts. My paintings are a continuation of the artistic traditions of human kind and I dont see any shadows on the wall. When I close my eyes I see blue fire.