Earth, water, fire, air.  These fundamental elements have been recognized and honored throughout human history.  These are the major elemental forces and energies that shape the face of the planet and all life upon it.  Yet despite this fact, much of the “civilized” world has lost touch with these forces over time as we have separated ourselves from the natural world with philosophical and technological barriers. Everyday we breath our atmosphere’s air, we use water from the tap, we drive our cars around with fire, and we eat food that was grown in soil somewhere.

As a small symbolic step towards rekinnecting with these natural forces upon which all life depends, we have chosen the timeless Elemental theme for the four major spaces of our gathering.


EARTH STAGE: Everything we have and experience is provided in some way or another by our earth, the ever-giving womb that birthed us and continues to cradle us and support our every step. No matter how much we continue to take, she keeps providing to her fullest ability. We invite you to stomp your feet in Gaia’s grass and give thanks for
Pachamama’s eternal generosity all night long at our main stage.


Featuring Osirian Flora Design: Creating unique sculptures, installations, and landscaping while utilizing natural and
repurposed materials. Helping to bring awareness to our delicate Mother Earth.

water altar

Water Altar: We are just beginning to understand the extent of water’s magical properties.  Water holds intention, cleanses electromagnetic fields, and transmits energy in ways beyond what our current science can explain.  So come give thanks to that which makes all life possible and gives us so much, and say a prayer for all the waters of the earth to continue flow clean and strong.

sacred fire

Sacred Fire: The whole game changed when humankind discovered how to create fire and harness its energy. Ever since then, the fire has been a central focus of culture and community and for good reason. Fire warms our homes, cooks our food, forges our tools, and powers our engines. Many cultures see fire as a living being that carries intentions from the physical world into the spirit realm to be manifested. Throughout the gathering, our firekeepers will be holding sacred fire space for those who are looking for a quiet place to ground, pray, and sing medicine songs.
This will be, in a sense, the ceremonial center of the gathering.

air temple

Temple (Air): Breath is the key to life. Many of the mystery schools and spiritual practices throughout history have
emphasized the importance of cultivating breath awareness and practicing breathing techniques. Come to our temple space to rekinnect with your breath through yoga and meditation classes during the day and enjoy ambient, acoustic, and world instrumental music throughout the night.

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