Workshops, Moments & Making Connections at Kinnection Campout 2014 from Fabian Productions on Vimeo.

~::Tribal Council is a collective of passionate beings who gather regularly in intentional ways to facilitate holistic growth and personal evolution through sacred celebration, eco-social education, and community building. We seek to
reintegrate the ancient ways into the modern age by regrowing tribal culture and village communities. ::~

In the realm of live music, TC is an intentional production collective with the mission to bring transformational
experiences to the music scene and into everyday life. At our core we are life enthusiasts, a group comprised of artists, musicians, producers, teachers, healers, gardeners and much more. We host intentional retreats and outdoor
gatherings, offer our geodesic dome workshop stages and chill out lounges at music and arts festivals around the country, and produce conscious community events. Our gatherings focus just as much on community building and
education as on the musical components.

Our mission is one of Service: We create spaces and experiences that facilitate evolutionary growth for individuals as well as communities. Tribal Council seeks to support a growing community of jedi who walk the earth impeccably,
embody the ancient ways, and who are true stewards of the earth. We serve to remind our collective Self that we are gathered here in this present era of profound widespread human development to honor the miracle of life by fully
rejoicing in seriously silly sacred celebration and pure unabashed Love for all. The importance of community is
paramount, and it is easier than ever to connect with others for the purpose of regrowing a nourishing culture that serves all life. We seek to network with those who share a common vision and common values, including integrity,
authenticity, awareness, unconditional love, regenerative living, and holistic wellness.  Now is the time for healing – healing the earth, healing ourselves, and healing each other.

Our Mission, Goals, and Strategies

Campout History
The Elemental Theme
Community Building