Ehren Cruz Kinnection

Ehren Cruz, Kinnection’s “MC”…Master of Ceremonies

Ehren grew up within a family rich in creativity and authentic soul expression. In 2008 a powerful Kundalini experience shifted his life path from academic pursuits into a journey of spiritual and creative fulfillment. During a pilgrimage in 2010 he awakened to the vital synergy between creativity, spirituality, and self-discovery. Shortly after, was born – a vibrant online nexus for transformative culture championing and supporting the contributions of visionary artists, thinkers, conscious enterprises, and holistic practitioners all around the world.

Ehren was one of the founding co-producers of Rootwire Festival and served as ceremonial director, workshop coordinator, and visionary consultant from 2010 – 2013. Yet, recently he has migrated to Asheville, North Carolina to accept a position as the Performing Arts Director for LEAF Community Arts – a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the healing power of art and serving underrepresented communities through music educational outreach in the form of artist residencies, multi-cultural festivals & events, and international creative mentorship programs.

Ehren continues to share his journey through assisting in the project development and ceremonial leadership of cultural events; as well as offering lectures, workshops, ceremonies, and collaborative projects through LEAF Community Arts, the Solpurpose Network, and Transformational Festivals Worldwide.