Since our early council discussions on the nature of reality and consciousness in 2008, the Tribal Council Collective
has enjoyed an entertaining journey of evolution that has led us to countless gatherings across North America.
Eventually, it seemed like a good idea to organize our own gathering in an attempt to get to the bottom of the eternal question, “What are we capable of when we all contribute towards a common vision?” and to, in turn, take the next natural step in our evolution, moving from bystanders and consumers into creators.

The idea to host a weekend gathering and have our friends play music in the woods led to the first Tribal Council
Campout in July 2012.  The result was a cross between our favorite events: incorporating the ecstatic nature of a music festival with the freedom of a burn, the laid-back cozy feeling of summer camp, and the intentionality of a retreat.  The idea was to bring our friends together to create our own gathering, based solely on what we could offer. We were the musicians, teachers, sound technicians, and chefs. Everybody brought their own unique piece of the puzzle to a
home-cooked, low-key gathering in the woods. The result was an intimate, no-frills weekend that focused on
interpersonal connection in the solitude of nature.

After producing 2013’s quarterly Kinnection series in cities throughout the Southeast with some of our favorite
international artists, we’d been dreaming about what it would be like to combine the production & talent of a Kinnection with the intimate outdoor magic of a Campout. Thus, in 2014 we scaled up the production, renamed the event
“Kinnection Campout,” and invited the public.  It appeared to be a success on all fronts, so we’ve decided to do it again.  Only this year, we have moved to our favorite venue in the Southeast, Deerfields, NC, and we are
looking forward to weaving new magic once again.

In a time when a new music festival seems to pop up every other day, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Each event has its own unique flavor based on a whole variety of factors ranging from the artist lineup to the location, from the attendees to the intentions of the people behind the event.  After years of attending and working music festivals around the world, we have developed our own taste for what we enjoy in a gathering. Resonating with and wishing to embody the idea of “create the world in which you want to live,” we have blended up our favorite human experiences into a delectable recipe of vibration for the yummiest celebration we can imagine. Enjoy!

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